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Parental alienation is universally recognized as harmful to the children´s health and detrimental to their psychosocial development. But not yet generally known and accepted.

Parental alienation being a relatively new area of science needs to be researched in many respects with a multidisciplinary approach as there are so many important fields involved, one of them being deprivation of attachment, another one is stress, especially PTSD, caused by the trauma of rejecting a formerly loved parent.

In Sweden, and internationally, the best outcome for children´s health and psychological development when the parents have gone apart, has been investigated. This research and investigations regarding the child´s fundamental need of love and acceptance from both parents should in the future be linked to studies on what happens when the child is not allowed to have a close and regular contact with both parents (parental alienation cases).

See the Stockholm program her! You can also search #PASG2018.

There will be a satellite conference, August 29, 2018 with two of the lecturers from Stockholm. Some of the lecturers from the Stockholm Conference will also lecture in London at the conference organized there by the newly founded European Association for Parental Alienation Practioners, EAPAP, and the Family Separation Clinic. To summarize:

STOCKHOLM 24-25 August: Parental Alienation – What Is It? What Can Be Done About It?

OSLO 29 August: Parental Alienation – What Is It and What Can Be Done About It?

LONDON 30-31 August: Moving Upstream. Addressing the Problem of Parental Alienation in Europe.

Price for the Stockholm Conference: 3500 SEK until 30  April, after that 4500 SEK, with 10 % reduction all the time for those who choose to participate in Stockholm and London.

PS. There will be a dinner the first evening at Moderna Museet, which is the location for the Stockholm Conference. A social activity in form of a two nights cruise to Helsinki, departure on Sunday August 26, is suggested by PASGNordic, a branch of Parental Alienation Study Group, PASG, for those who wish.

WELCOME to participate!

Welcome also to inform more people you know and can think might be interested to come.

If you have any questions, please write to: info@pasgnordic.com

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