“I have no doubt that maintaining good quality contact with both parents, where it is safe and in the best interests of the child, is key to a happy childhood. Of course responsible parents want the best for their children.

I realize that, where relationships break down, for whatever reason, there can be a great deal of heartache and sadness on all sides if parents and children can not stay in touch.

Where it is in the best interests of the child, we want to support all parents to maintain contact with their children. We are very supportive of fathers’ engagement with their children which is why we were the first government to introduce paid paternity leave and flexible working for fathers as well as mothers.”

Prime Minister – Rt Hon Tony Blair MP

Það væri mikil guðs gjöf ef einhver af landsfeðrum þessa lands myndi einhvern tíman, sjá ástæðu til þess að minnast á þau 20 þús börn sem búa aðeins hjá öðru foreldri sínu.

Sjá nánar: http://www.fnf.org.uk/manres.htm

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