CONTRARY TO EXTREMIST CLAIMS MADE ABOUT JOINT CUSTODY …Joint custody reduces conflict because both parents are able to maintain a strong relationship with their children. If you were only allowed to see your child four days a month, how would you feel? Conflict is almost inevitable when one parent fights for sole custody, denying the other parent a role in raising the child. Sole custody causes conflict, while joint custody helps to reduce it.

Joint custody helps parents cooperate for the sake of the children. Custody battles are, of course, about who will raise the child. When both parents are able to maintain their role as parents, instead of one parent and one “visitor”, they can focus on what is best for the child, rather than fighting to either retain control as the only parent, or to regain their role as a parent.

Joint custody is not a panacea, but it is so effective in maintaining a child’s relationship with both parents that outcomes for children are much better than for sole custody, and in most ways do not differ from an intact family.

Children do best when they are able to retain a relationship with both parents. Most parents recognize the importance of both being involved in raising their children. Active involvement of both parents is just as important if parents are separated or divorced.

Joint physical custody does not reduce material and financial support for children. Financial child support is determined using a sliding scale to adjust for time spent with parents and differences in parent incomes. Allowing both parents to remain involved means money can be spent on the children, rather than costly legal battles.

Joint custody most closely resembles an intact family. Children unavoidably have two homes as a result of divorce, but they do best when they can keep the emotional ties with both parents – because they have two parents, instead of one “real parent” and one “former parent.” Emotional ties and family relationships are more important than geography.

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