Á ítalíu er verið að staðfesta lög um sameiginlega forsjá sem meginreglu við skilnað foreldra. Hin rammkaþólska Ítalía er á undan Íslendingum að þessu leyti. Til að tryggja að sameiginleg forsjá verði meginregla, er stofnuð sérstök fjölksyldudeild við dómstólakerfið, sem mun hafa það að markmiði að tryggja að börn njóti samvista og forsjár beggja foreldra eftir skilnað.

Sjá tilkynningu sem Félag ábyrgra feðra fékk þar að lútandi:
“17-18-19 March 2006: “THREE ITALIAN DAYS FOR JUSTICE” (Father Manifestation in Rome). Today, 16 March 2006: SHARED PARENTING STARTS IN ITALY (Italian Shared Legal Custudy Bill 54 goes in effect )

From: GENITORI_E_FIGLI; Ge.Fi.S.; Italy
To: The members of the Familyrights 4 Europe Group:
Translation from Italian by Peter Tromp; Familyrights 4 Europe Group

In case you have not done so allready, we kindly ask you to publish the following PRESS RELEASE on the European and International forums and groups:

With this press release we inform you that today, the 16th of March, the new Italian family Law of 8 February 2006 n° 54 will enter into effect which defines the new disposition of shared legal custody over the children by the parents in case of parental separation. To the aim of informing the Italian public on the importance of the application of this Law in all cases of parental separation, a manifestation has been organised in Rome by the Ge.Fi.S. – Committee Without Scope of Lucro (Sorry I don’t know how to translate that exactly, Peter Tromp?) – on the 17-18-19 March 2006, at the location of the Imperial Holes Road nearby the Colloseum in Rome (Via dei Fori Imperiali nei pressi del Colosseo).

The Rome manifestation will start each day at 09:00 o’clock in the morning on all of the three planned manifestation days and the manifestation has been named “THREE DAYS FOR JUSTICE” (3Days4Justice) to emphasize Shared Custody over the children being the more just choice when parents separate and also emphasising that this reform of Italian family law and family rights is now irreversible, due also to the institution and implementation of the specialized family, children and youth section or unit within the ordinary Italian Courts that will be dealing with all courtmatters concerning families and children, while all those separate institutions, like the former Court for Underaged minors, will now finally be abolished.

To guarantee that the equal relationship with both biological parents is at the heart of their approach, registered information letters are presently being prepared for psychiatrists, psychologists and lawyers, both national and international, in order to inform them that for guarantying a balanced psycho-physical development of and justice for our children, they ALLWAYS need both their parents.

We invite all parents, grandparents and relatives involved in parental separation cases as well as their children and grandchildren, but also the single citizens who are truly interested in the wellbeing and good of the Italian families, to participate in the Rome Manifestation to the aim of being able to render their contribution for the resolution of our attempt.

To provide you with whatever information wanted the following names are available to you:
Fausto Paesani – cell. 3478473605 – mailto:fausto_paesani@hotmail.com
Aldo Forte – cell. 3472297039 – mailto:odlabalu@libero.it

Cordial salutes.

Ge.Fi.S. – Committee Without Scope of Lucro –

Injustice can only be fought with Information!!

In the case you do not want to receive anymore emails from the Ge.Fi.S. – Committee Without Scope of Lucro, with Internet address: http://xoomer.virgilio.it/geni_e_figli, you can send your demand for cancellation from the list to the following emailadress: mailto:genitori_e_figli@hotmail.com

Please comemorate our efforts made in the past years of fighting injustice in cases of parental separation and in fighting the disparity of treatment with respect to the entrust of residency, care and guardianship over the children in Italy. Asking you for your attention and understanding and sending you our cordial salutes extended to your families and relatives. Ge.Fi.S.

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