The paternal figure would be more effective than the specialists

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According to a study of UBA

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Neither the therapies nor the consultations with the specialists in conflicts of adolescents seem to be as effective as the paternal figure. The dialogue of the children with the father has a protective effect against the youthful addictions.

Nevertheless, when that communication includes shouts, insults or expressions of devaluation the way can be opened towards the excessive alcohol consumption in the adolescence.

An equipment of investigators of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Buenos Aires (GRAPE) investigated if familiar factors existed and of personality able to influence in the addiction of the children to two social drugs: the tobacco and the alcohol. After making a study with adolescents, they even detected that the communication with the father exerts the greater protective effect, by on the mother.

“ Observamos that a good communication with the mother does not reach to protect the adolescents. The protective factor par excellence, as much for men as women, is the dialogue with the father. The adolescents who do not abuse the alcohol and do not smoke have a much greater open communication with the father than those that yes does it “, explained to the NATION Vanina doctor Schmidt, main author of the study presented/displayed in IV the World-wide Congress of Postraumático Stress.

Schmidt, attending investigator of the Conicet and regular attached professor of the Faculty of Psychology of the GRAPE, directed to the work party that during 2004 and 2005 evaluated to 591 adolescents of 13 to 18 years, of the third cycle of the EGB and the polimodal in Buenosairean schools.

Independently to smoke or to exceed with the spirits, men and women they said to have a dialogue flowed with the mother; not thus with the father.

“The most important indicators of a communication opened with the children are these: to know how to listen to them and if they count their problems – Schmidt added, of the Institute of Investigations of the Faculty of Psychology of the GRAPE. The adolescents who had one more a more open communication with the father shared two characteristics: they affirmed that the father knew to listen to them and that, if had a problem, they were safe of being able to count it.“

When describing that opened dialogue, most of the adolescents chose phrases as “it knows to me to listen”, “I have a problem and I can count it”, “I can speak without staying out” or “it tries to understand my point of view”. Also they agreed when speaking of the flowed interchange of information, feelings and ideas.

They prioritized, in addition, to be listened, to be able to interchange points of view with the father, to perceive in him interest in which it happens to them, to be able to demonstrate affection openly and to obtain sincere answers.

Between the elements that attempt against a good verbal interchange with the father are the lack of respect expressed through the shouts, the insults, I mistreat and the abuse of no. Thus, the communication problems that generate those aggressions or the negation to listen the children (either by lack of time or excessive occupations, among others) presented/displayed like adolescent the more associated factors of risk to the abuse of the alcohol.

“Clear that also it is negative that the son shouts or insults the father to him, because this causes that the rolls in the relation are run. Also, when the parents say to them that not to everything, the children will try to do everything what they prohibited as soon as they obtain a little to them independence “, noticed the psychologist.

Father, nonfriend

One of the characteristics that did not happen inadvertent to the investigators was certain dispproval of the adolescents to the friendship relation from which many parents try to approach their adolescent children.

“They said that it bothered enough the attitude to them of friendship in the relation. In fact, they showed that they look for limits and they do not like when the parents are absent in that search “, commented the specialist.

In another study with adolescents, the investigators observed that in those homes where the principle of the relation between parents and children was laissez-faire (to ´dejar to do), the familiar communication was negative.

“It is a principle characteristic of the families with drogodependientes members”, indicated to the doctor Schmidt.

To have a communication opened with the children, emphasized, it does not mean that everything must be allowed or that the parents do not put limits to them to their children. “That is not understood that the father must construct his communication from a friendship relation”, the psychologist added.

Finally, the adolescents with greater risk of abusing youthful drugs were those that felt some level of communicative restriction with the mother and the father or that had a rough communication with both.

“Not to be able to say to him to the father and the mother how a son feels on some things is very different to decide on the selectivity, that is to say, to reserve for himself certain subjects or to take care of how they transmit themselves, as the doctor can be the first sexual relation”, finalized Schmidt.

By Fabiola Czubaj
Of the Writing of the NATION

Profile of a smoker

Hay characteristic that allows to identify an adolescent smoker? Yes, in the personality: one becomes bored with facility, it tends to the lack of inhibition, it enjoys the search of sensations or different emotions. That person also has a greater risk of abusing the alcohol, according to Vanina doctor Schmidt. Whereas in the adolescents to have a communication opened with the father it acts like a protective factor against the beginning of the tabaquismo, in the children men it does not influence of way some to begin or not to smoke.


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