Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

French Association of the protection of the children involved in the divorce
of their parents and promoting as well the respect of the co-parentality for
each child who has the full right to spend time with their two parents in
complete equity, we are delivering you the new open letter that our Council
has decided to write and to have it published in the Icelandic news-papers
and to be delivered to the TV channels of Iceland.

Indeed, since years, Mr F. Scheefer and his daughter are victims of
incredible situations. They’ve been prevented to meet by the mother in full
impunity in spite of legal complaints. Now again the mother, by using
endlessly new pretexts, as she is used to do, has broken illegally the
visits rights and the child’s rights are one again breached. It makes four
months and the mother can act in full impunity and the Icelandic
administrations are only playing ping-pong between themselves !

That’s totally unacceptable. Moreover, the French justice has been the first
legal judicial jurisdiction seized and all the family, being French, the
French judge was the right one to rule the case.
Anyway, there is a child here in Iceland who endlessly suffers and nothing
seems to be done to permit her to live normally as well with her father.
Now, it makes again two months that the visits rights are not respected at
all by the mother, even the communication, in full violation of the Law and
in full violation of the verdict in force. Laura has not been able to meet
and to be in communication since weeks and weeks, months and months with her
father (already three months now), whereas they are supposed to meet by
verdict and the mother doesn’t respect it, as she did it before, already 35
times, in full impunity. Once again, the mother is lying, using wrong and
even scandalous pretexts to try to explain her illegal attitudes which, in
France, are reprehensible front of the criminal Court and for such
non-respect of visits rights the guilty parent could just be sent in prison.

Even worse, the awful situation undergone by Mr. François Scheefer developed
very suddenly a very serious medical trouble which obliged him to be in
hospital and to be treated now for a long time. His life was directly in
danger ! This serious medical trouble was directly linked to the unbearable
and inhuman situation undergone since years now. That is unacceptable !

So, we deliver you this letter and expect that you will be able to publish
as soon as possible.
Expecting your action and the publication of this letter, the Icelanders
have to know what’s going on. This situation cannot continue anymore and it
is absolutely abnormal, even inhuman to oblige a child to undergo such
situations. To start with, this is a full violation of the Children Rights
and also the Human Rights Convention.

And as we declared before, when we see how the Icelandic justice has been
treating a father who only did his duty as a responsible parent, who only
brought assistance to a child in danger (danger confirmed by the hospital in
France), staying always in contact with the mother of the child, and when no
one wanted to assist this father and his daughter in Iceland at that time,
we’re deeply shocked and we don’t accept this decision, a decision taken in
full of injustice.

We know that the European Human Rights Court has been seized and we can only
encourage this process to get finally justice.

Staying at your disposal,
With regards,

Alain Moncheaux

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