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Dómsmálaráðuneytið Íslands
Herra Björn Bjarnason, Ráðherra
Herra Guðmundur Ö. Bergþórsson
Skuggasund – 150 REYKJAVÍK

Sýslumaðurinn í Reykjavík
Frú Guðlaug Birna Sigþórsdóttir
Skógarhlið, 6 – 150 REYKJAVÍK

Barnavernd Reykjavíkur
Skipholt, 50b – 105 REYKJAVÍK

Lögreglustjórinn í Reykjavík
Herra Böðvar Bragason
Hverfisgata 113-115 – 150 REYKJAVÍK

Regarding the situation of my family’s case.
Regarding the repeated non-respects of the visits rights between Laura Scheefer (Kt : 111099-2869) and me, breach done unscrupulously and in full impunity by Mrs Caroline Scheefer-Lefort (Kt : 070870-2079), mother of Laura (and still legally my wife).

By registered letter.

Dear Madams or Sirs,

The situation which is more and more unbearable and more and more inhuman has just gone beyond the limits of the bearable. I kindly ask for your attention to this serious matter with the view of assisting me and my daughter to have normal access to one another.

Just by stating some examples from these last months (in 2006), you will be able to assess yourselves how far it has been going now :

1. From early January 2006, the mother of Laura has over and over and
unilaterally decided to break again the access rights and all communication
(umgengni) between me and my daughter that I and my daughter have been granted from the Icelandic authorities (úrskurður). I’ve still not been able to access my child since, due to unacceptable and repetitive access interference (tálmanir) of her, including the complete interruption of communication (including the blockade of the phone calls too). Her new pretexts are one again based on lies and manipulations. Until now she has been acting during almost five months in full impunity, just like in 2002,
2003 and 2004.

2. The mother of Laura is unscrupulously writing untruths, lies, using
libelous utterances on internet, all being accessible to the public. These facts are reprehensible by the law and represent serious slur on me. She doesn’t hesitate to peddle slanders since months and years.

3. The mother of Laura has unscrupulously tried everything to make me
loose my job and she didn’t hesitate to send libellous letters to my employer. She had already operated in the same way with assistance of her father when I was working in France in 2002.

4. The mother of Laura is trying everything possible to harm towards me
and towards my reputation and integrity.

5. The mother of Laura has unscrupulously disappeared several times from
Reykjavik for days and days, and even left Iceland with Laura in April 2006, during the periods when Laura is under my custody according to the legal orders in force. These repeated disappearances of Laura operated during the time when Laura is legally supposed to be with me, represent not only serious offences but even repeated abductions.

6. In April 2006, the mother of Laura, still my wife, with the assistance
of her “common-law husband” (Mr. Steinar Kjartansson) prevented Laura’s paternal grand-mother to meet her grand-child when she was in Iceland earlier this spring, travelling in spite of a precarious health and worries of her doctors. She has never been able to take Laura her harm, her single grand-child, to talk to her and to spend time with her. Even, the “common-law husband” interfered and used violent gesture to push away Laura’s grand-mother.

7. In May 2006, the “common-law husband” of Laura’s mother (Mr. Steinar
Kjartansson) hidden in his van didn’t hesitate to appear suddenly from it to utter insults and to use physical violence against me, trying to create a brawl, when I was coming to the Laura’s mother’s home to get my daughter according to the orders in force. Then the mother of Laura, when the Police came, following my phone-call, didn’t hesitate to criticize the Police officers whereas they were just doing their job.

8. During the night of the 17th and 18th of May 2006, I was urgently
admitted at the Hospital of Reykjavik (intensive cares department and then the Lungs department) for a week for double lungs embolism added by heart trouble. My life was directly and suddenly in real danger. This extremely serious situation obliged an hospitalisation of a week now which is followed now by a long convalescence and many controls at the hospital and which needs medical treatments until, at least, the end of the year 2006, beginning of 2007.
This fact is directly linked to the unbearable and inhuman situation undergone since months and years now.

This list could be really much longer. I only selected the main events. But it is almost every week that something is going on…!

And now what will be the next stage ?


Reykjavik, the 27th of May 2006.

François Scheefer.

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