To follow my previous letters from the 12th and 14th of September, I can now confirm with more proofs again that “Laura’s mother is the law by herself”

and consequently, the deed effected by Laura’s mother is a permanent affront to the legal system in Iceland, even bigger and bigger affront weeks after weeks and an egregious form of domestic violence perpetrated against our daughter and I. That’s unacceptable and outrageous and it has to be stopped for good !

Until when Laura’s mother will be able to continue to lead the Icelandic authorities by the nose and to act in full impunity ?

Indeed, Laura has again disappeared and this situation is extremely worrying because :

1) As you know, the Ministry of Justice, by a new order dated from the 6th

of September 2006, has confirmed the visits rights which were already in force by their previous order and the orders from the Sýslumaður of Reykjavik. This new order was notified to the parties on the 9th of September 2006. Laura’s mother doesn’t care at all !

2) The Sýslumaður of Reykjavik by official letter informed Laura’s mother

and especially her lawyer (+ Barnavernd Reykjavikur too) that visits rights have to be respected and have been planned this weekend from the 15th of September 2006 at 18:00 until Sunday evening. Laura’s mother doesn’t care at all !

3) As you know, Laura’s mother delivered on the 14th of September 2006,

front of my door, a big box where my name was written by Laura’s mother’s handwriting. When I opened it, I found all the postcards and gifts for Laura sent and/or delivered since the 9th of January 2006 to our daughter and also all the postcards from Laura’s paternal grand-mother ! Not only I can’t be in contact with Laura but even the postcards sent every week to Laura and the gifts that I’ve left (once every month since January 2006) in the mailbox of Laura’s mother’s home have never been delivered to Laura, NEVER !

This irresponsible attitude, as you can imagine, strengthens a lot my worries, our worries.


So, from the 15th of September 2006 (or from the 14th afternoon

I’ve no answer from school fdollowing my request about Laura’s absences), there is no one staying at Skipasund, 6 104 Reykjavik ! Maybe, to be sure that Icelandic authorities will not intervene, by the fact that the Icelandic Ministry of Justice confirmed visits rights and the Sýslumaður’s office officially informed Laura’s mother as well as her lawyer about the legal visits rights, Laura’s mother has disappeared from Reykjavik.

But for sure, I’ve no idea where is my daughter… And she has been taken away from Reykjavik when she is supposed to be under my custody during this weekend. This is a real abduction, a repeated abduction, because Laura’s mother has endlessly acted like this since January 2006 and still today, in full impunity ! That is not acceptable at all and it will be never accepted !

As you know, in France, Laura’s mother, according to the Law, would be guilty of violation of visits rights, violation of the communication between a child and a parent, between a children and paternal family.

She could be also condemned to one year of imprisonment and a fine of 15.000 euros, and looses he custody on the child. What Laura’s mother is doing is a crime…

This unbearable and insufferable situation is not only destroying human beings, but it is also implying deep wounds (psychological and psycho-affective wounds especially for Laura) and medical problems for myself.


Reykjavik, the 16th of September 2006.

François Scheefer.

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